UFC 263: Edwards vs Diaz - If You're a Real One, Let's Go | Fight Preview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Пре 16 дана

Preview the five-round welterweight bout set to go down at UFC 263 between Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz on Saturday, June 12. Order UFC 263 now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)

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H.Z Пре 3 дана
You can hurt him but he'll never go down
TVAssDumb Пре 4 дана
Anyone know song?
I love nate diaz, he is the authentic bmf
Dear CopperCab
Dear CopperCab Пре 6 дана
Hard telling whos gonna win
Ricky Cavazos
Ricky Cavazos Пре 7 дана
Just plain bad vids with late post
Ricky Cavazos
Ricky Cavazos Пре 7 дана
There must be a loading eror time delay or something with this dumb phone
Ricky Cavazos
Ricky Cavazos Пре 7 дана
Didnt see nothing
the resurrection
the resurrection Пре 7 дана
Eduardo Martínez
Eduardo Martínez Пре 7 дана
Crazy last minute! What a fight. 🔥
Domingzz Пре 7 дана
Song ID anyone?? Please!!
come on Nate get going , he should win
Kz Peanut
Kz Peanut Пре 8 дана
I automatically turned the cc on when he started talking
Glumtt _2101
Glumtt _2101 Пре 8 дана
For the sake of Chimaev career, he got lucky the fight with Leon never happened.
Shemar Hall
Shemar Hall Пре 8 дана
Leon Edward's all the way!!!!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Пре 9 дана
Nate diaz West coast G.
AR Rom
AR Rom Пре 9 дана
Nate's superior ground and pound- IT'S OVER! VIVA DIAZ BROTHERS!!!
K. English harry hounslow
K. English harry hounslow Пре 9 дана
Come on nate let's go son !!!
Healing Through Inspiration
Healing Through Inspiration Пре 9 дана
Just looking forward to the belt being wrapped around Leon's waist
JESUS IS KING channel Пре 10 дана
Dias is getting older it will be an interesting fight.
Dodi Al Fayed
Dodi Al Fayed Пре 10 дана
Been a huge Diaz fan since the TUF does. I just don’t see him winning this fight. I hope he does though.
JiNgo Пре 10 дана
Nate is a real one, i hope he manages to shock the world again
wicked liquid
wicked liquid Пре 11 дана
Duh I feel like this is the title - dillusional Diaz
Marius Martise
Marius Martise Пре 11 дана
Nate looked so bad against Masvidal. I can't see him concerning Leon.
A Omar
A Omar Пре 11 дана
Wrath of Man is so good 🚀🔥
Louie Paul
Louie Paul Пре 11 дана
Jorge masvidal stopped Leon with a 3 piece and a soda
Bret Weeks
Bret Weeks Пре 12 дана
wtf? Diaz lost two in a row & now he got a title fight???? explain how that worked out, ridiculous. Look at Diaz record most with his record aren't even ranked top ten
S.K. SPORTS Пре 12 дана
My prediction scar tissue gets open again
Vince Rodriguez
Vince Rodriguez Пре 12 дана
I see a submission coming
Sagat Пре 12 дана
Goooo nateee
Blown Пре 12 дана
Edwards is gonna walk right thru Diaz.
jack hacks
jack hacks Пре 12 дана
1:29 lmao they are promoting leon like he is knockout artist or something his last finish feels like years ago lmao
AJ M Пре 12 дана
Song at the end?
adil khan
adil khan Пре 12 дана
Nate diaz getting knocked out in round 2 😴, official prediction.
Amit Khetwani
Amit Khetwani Пре 12 дана
Theme song…???
Jabro Пре 12 дана
Want Nate to win so we get Diaz vs McGregor 3 future main event.
austfraust Пре 12 дана
ill never count nate out after he tapped conor, but leon is crazy skilled
Juggernaut Пре 12 дана
Heart says leon, brain says leon
Tooka Пре 12 дана
“There’s not much you could do more in this game than fight me, as far as i’m concerned”-Nate Diaz
Devin Burkett
Devin Burkett Пре 12 дана
Diaz does nothing but *lie* in *80%* of this clip.
Troy Musil
Troy Musil Пре 12 дана
Should be Izzy vs Diaz. Marvin and Edwards all fight non top contenders while Izzy and Diaz have fought all top contenders.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Пре 12 дана
Win lose or draw I will always love Nate Diaz.
John Chopp
John Chopp Пре 13 дана
Could be fight of the year. My opinion. Lol
Free Frank2020
Free Frank2020 Пре 13 дана
Who you got?
oliver davies
oliver davies Пре 13 дана
If Nate wins this he should get a title shot no questions asked
Jaya Prakash
Jaya Prakash Пре 13 дана
Ladies and gentlemen the winner is nate Diazzzzzz
jluis90s Пре 13 дана
Katungu Mukelabai
Katungu Mukelabai Пре 13 дана
I love Nate but he should not have taken this fight
Viktor Borah
Viktor Borah Пре 13 дана
209 lesssss goooooo
Ayman -
Ayman - Пре 13 дана
Roadman vs Westcoast gangster
Abdelkader1 Hubertus
Abdelkader1 Hubertus Пре 13 дана
Lets go Nate👑🔥👑
준서수원 Пре 13 дана
The mammoth broker extracellularly taste because helicopter legally sack near a ready married. dirty, spotless vietnam
Fritz Michael
Fritz Michael Пре 13 дана
This is the first time i heard leon talk lol
Surya H R
Surya H R Пре 13 дана
Max Holloway had told the secret to his superhuman instincts. I hope Nate follows it.
Jmoney Gboy92
Jmoney Gboy92 Пре 13 дана
Nate could brawl it out and pull the w
Drako Yamazaki
Drako Yamazaki Пре 13 дана
You know nate is leaving a pint of blood in that cage
쥬디스 Пре 13 дана
디아즈는 김동현한테 졌어~
Bandido Ng Sapang Bato
Bandido Ng Sapang Bato Пре 13 дана
Leon's left will be all over Nates face
avelino chavarria
avelino chavarria Пре 13 дана
Never, let me repeat, never, betagainst Nate.
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA Пре 13 дана
Shadog Abbassio
Shadog Abbassio Пре 13 дана
Done better than everyone by losing 57% of his fights.... most overrated fighter of all time. They pretend he's good because he sells ppv...
Pablo II
Pablo II Пре 13 дана
Aly Nswa
Aly Nswa Пре 13 дана
Yoo Daddy
Yoo Daddy Пре 13 дана
Man it gonna suck when he retires an doesnt win a title belt
Alexious Croslow
Alexious Croslow Пре 13 дана
I love the Diaz Brothers man, Nate is gonna win this!!
Poseidon Ahuja
Poseidon Ahuja Пре 13 дана
Okay the thing is leon might win but hes gonna bleed and work hard if he wants to win cuz we all know nate aint going down easy soo . I want nate to win but if it has to be then it wont be a cheap as chip fight for the englishman.
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson Пре 13 дана
I can't wait!! Nate wins with a submission. After he takes a beating.
back2theblokk Пре 13 дана
Is this really happening? 🤩
European Reporter
European Reporter Пре 13 дана
nate invented conor tapping
John Smith
John Smith Пре 14 дана
It's always a Disappoinment to see Diaz fight and he bout to take a KO from Ed ,... plus Diaz training doesn't teach him defense ...gonna be a another Masvidal like finish. .for sure.. not even sure why that guy still fights other than the money..
Ali Sabzwari
Ali Sabzwari Пре 14 дана
This should be the main event no doubt, Diaz draws the fans. That being said no one in their right mind believes Diaz stands a chance. I like Diaz and all but my guy does sound delusional with all that I am on top and this is the fight for the belt talk. Usman has the belt and you aint takin it from him.
?¿ Пре 14 дана
AC010 Пре 14 дана
I predict a stoppage by reff Nate his face is gonna be busted open by second round
AC010 Пре 14 дана
This fight is bs Nate was on his way out five years ago the guy hasn't fought in years and was never really that good.. why the hell does the ufc try to make a spectacle out of someone who can endure a savage beating only?? I respect Nate he's a real one but also a done one.. masvidal pounded him so hard he don't know if he Nate or nick
Ish Пре 14 дана
Nate got r4ped by Masvidal, he is going to get picked apart by Leon.
Sora744 Пре 14 дана
209 baby let's get it! If anyone can win this, its Nate!
RagJN Music
RagJN Music Пре 14 дана
Half of the comment section already lost hope on Nate and still giving credits for taking the fight
Sheamus Cherubntug
Sheamus Cherubntug Пре 14 дана
Diaz by choke
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Пре 14 дана
I am so excited for this fight.
Alan D Mystic
Alan D Mystic Пре 14 дана
Took words outta my mouth but nate got heart, been training, clever lad why lasted, leon got interigarity, as a dangerous, for queen as country englishman.,,,,, 9 by poking 4 leon is bookies bet,Enjoy Ladies & Gentlemen.
Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman Пре 14 дана
I remember Edwards got Bitch slapped by Masvidal Ha 🤣🤣 you weren't real you felt that Power 👊👊 Sucka...
TaariqKhan OfLegend
TaariqKhan OfLegend Пре 14 дана
I'm going down with this ship, lets go Nate!
maddame... Пре 14 дана
We all know that Leon has this one. But we love Nate
Leper Messiah56
Leper Messiah56 Пре 14 дана
Nice card that night diaz deff got his hands full
SilentTremor Пре 14 дана
If Leon wins, then Masvidal will be his next bout.
Jimmy TheSaint
Jimmy TheSaint Пре 14 дана
Sad to see UFC seen out to the cabal with all its symbolism shame on you Dana & Rogan
Blake Пре 14 дана
Leon is going to win by doctor stoppage. Should be a good fight but Nate’s scar tissue is too much of an issue.
simp no more
simp no more Пре 14 дана
Hope nate wins
Danny Пре 14 дана
I can’t imagine Nate or Tony out cold
Mat “mata08” M
Mat “mata08” M Пре 14 дана
All these comments remind me of the first time he fought Connor , then most disappeared after the fight
cs go
cs go Пре 14 дана
for every mf who talk shit about diaz see all his fights than talk shit everyone speak about mctapper Dana white boy
Tommy Munoz
Tommy Munoz Пре 14 дана
Leon is dead
Slothasaurus Tex
Slothasaurus Tex Пре 14 дана
Diaz by submission.
Dienso Neue ie
Dienso Neue ie Пре 14 дана
Nate has no chance, his Prime is over
Jordi Lieuwen
Jordi Lieuwen Пре 14 дана
everybody thinks Leon beats him with ease but he isn't really a shot Knockout artist and Nate won't get knocked out unless you sleep him with a huge kick or knee. And i don't think if leon that keep the phase not getting tired from nate walking him down all the time. i wouldn't be shocked if Nate gets a late submission or something because leon gets tired
Ollie Deaney
Ollie Deaney Пре 14 дана
This is my main event
All4Cntent Пре 14 дана
This fight right here is under advertised and it pisses me off #UFC
Ekant Datta
Ekant Datta Пре 14 дана
At the end of fight, evry1 will be talking abt Nate..........
dodik jaya
dodik jaya Пре 14 дана
Easy fight for diaz,
agama page
agama page Пре 14 дана
Nate got to go for ground game for sure. Or hell get literally get kicked out of the game.
DS9 Пре 14 дана
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